Welcome to the Fundraiser Shop

Your purchases directly support your group! There are two easy ways you can shop to support:

Shop ID: Support a specific Seller, typically a student in a school, by using their Shop ID. The Shop ID is a unique code to identify each Seller when they register. Don’t have a Shop ID? Ask the person you are supporting. The Shop ID is a six digit number that starts with a 2. Sellers must be registered to receive a sShop ID. Information on how to register is provided to each Seller by their Group.

Group ID: Support your group by shopping their Group Store. The Group ID is a unique code to identify the Group they received when they signed up for the fundraiser. Don’t have a Group ID? Ask the Group for their ID. The Group ID is a seven digit number that starts with a 1. Note: orders placed under the Group store will not be credited towards a particular seller.

Shopping by Shop ID or Group ID gets you access to our catalog of fantatic fundraising items. Every item you purchase helps your group raise money!

Start Shopping

To begin shopping first enter the Shop ID for the seller or the Group ID for the group you are supporting.