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    These innovative Daylights will burn 10 to 12 hours and are a perfect way to sample scents in any room, with any style! These mighty candles are twice the size of a tea light and offer a deceptively large throw; the self-cover makes them perfect travel companions too! Reusable & recyclable.

    Set of 4 daylights includes:

    Balsam & Cedar: Beautiful balsam and earthy cedar combine for a relaxing, fresh woodlands aroma perfect year round. 

    Winter Wonderland: Take an enchanted walk through wondrous winter woodlands and pine. 

    Warm & Fuzzy: A warm, powdery fleece accord blends with cedarwood and a touch of violet and rose for a comforting, cozy scent. 

    Frosty Branches: Frozen orchards will come to mind as you experience the citrus notes of grapefruit and orange mingled with cedarwood and moss.

    Set of 4, 1.5 oz. per daylight